About Us

Dr. B. Sirisha Reddy, MBBS., DNB[ Gynecology& Obstetrics] Ex- Consultant, Rainbow Children’s Hospital is an experienced Fetal medicine consultant, did her fellowship at one of the prestigious institute MEDISCAN CENTER, CHENNAI, where she mastered all fetal scans and fetal interventions, subsequently she worked as a consultant in fetal medicine at RAINBOW HOSPITAL, HYDERABAD, After working as a Fetal Medicine consultant for several years, she decided to take her Hands-on-experience to rural areas with an intention to provide sophisticated fetal scanning and treatment to the people who suffer due to lack of proper awareness on importance of fetal medicine.she started first ever Fetal Medicine center “DR SIRISHA FETA MEDICINE CENTER” AT WARANGAL, one of the first fetal medicine in Warangal with advanced equipment and state of art clinic. Thus, added a new armamentarium to this city of Warangal with advanced fetal HQ for fetal heart assessment it is one and only center is used in Telangana other than Hyderabad. The importance is enormous and convenient to the people who can have the facility at their doorsteps and need not travel to faraway places such as Hyderabad.

  • Dr. Sirisha Reddy’s Centre Fetal Medicine is the First and foremost center for Fetal Medicine in the Warangal Tri-City.
  • Our Centre envisages providing advanced Fetal scans, ascertaining risks in fetuses, and advanced treatments.
  • Our Centre specialized in excellent evidence-based guidance to parents with our experts.
  • Our prime motto “Fetal Health, mother’s Wealth”
  • Dr. Sirisha Reddy is equipped to handle all Fetal services and offers the following services.
  • Proactively finding out anomalies in Babies through various advanced Fetal scans, thus by immediate attention and fetal therapy to all sick fetuses during pregnancy, thereby enabling childbirth in better condition and health.
  • Dr. Sirisha Reddy provides evidence-based counseling to all parents about these conditions, so that they are well informed and can make appropriate decisions about their pregnancies.

Consultation service:

Dr. Sirisha Reddy, MBBS., DNB[Gyn], Fellowship in Fetal Medicine [Medi scan, Chennai] Ex-Consultant
[ Fetal Medicine, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Hyderabad] maintains Co-Ordination with the referring physician throughout the course of the pregnancy, thus proving pregnant women with excellent opportunities to have a safe & happy journey throughout their pregnancies. She will also be available to help you decide the best course of action in the event of an emergency and guide you through the entire process.


Reconception evaluation:

In the event of possible serious pregnancy complications or major medical problems, carrying a pregnancy is a vital decision. Careful planning is needed with the appropriate measures taken to prevent or minimize the risk of adverse outcomes.

Prenatal nutrition:

Dr. Sirisha Reddy will help you provide a diet chart that considers your medical history, physical condition, etc.